North Douglas boat condominium project approved

Posted: Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Planning commissioners unanimously approved a project Tuesday to build boat condominiums in North Douglas, with storage above the boats that may eventually be developed into residential apartments.

Tonya and Shawn Mauldin own the waterfront site at 7000 N. Douglas Highway, next to Era Highway and across from Wee Burn Drive.

Tonya Mauldin said the idea for combining boat housing and human housing came easily. There are no boat condos in Douglas now, she said.

"Wouldn't you like to live with your boat?" she said. "A lot of men would."

In fact, she said she probably would live in one of the units herself.

Commissioners required in their approval that the condos not be converted into retail or other businesses. City code requires that the storage be "water-related." The building also will be fitted with security cameras to prevent crime in the area.

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