Warm weather graces Juneau softball fields

Posted: Thursday, July 09, 2009

It is hot and sunny, and a fabulous time to be playing softball while surrounded by the glacier and the snow fields — where else but Juneau?

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Juneau Softball Association
Juneau Softball Association

Last week was pretty quiet and that was probably good, as many players were still recovering from the Rainball tournament.

Mens C Division

Taku Oil got back to its winning ways, wasting no time in wrenching Parts Plus 12-4 before hunting down the Timberwolf boyz, 14-4. 

Team Imperial stayed upright behind the bar, with a 14-11 trapping of the T’Wolf, and a 21-14 hammering of Parts Plus. Parts Plus and T’Wolf drew a goose egg in the win column last week.

Mens D Division

Pavitt’s started off the week where they left off after Rainball, with a 13-12 squeaker over the Dirty Dozen. But later in the week, Northern Lights lit Pavitt’s up 14-8.

However, Northern Lites fell down the shaft in their next game, losing 13-12 to the SE Miners.

The Rounders rolled to the top of the standings with a 17-14 cleansing of the Dirty Dozen, and a 16-9 blasting of the Miners.

Mens E Division

Kapplers didn’t lose their hard drive in Rainball, as it reconstructed Home Depot 13-6, and poured it over the Island Pub, 13-9.

Home Depot rebuilt on Play it Again Sports, though, 13-10. The boyz from Play it Again finally got back on their game with a 20-6 gassing of Gas N Go.

Mens F Division

The First National Caps and the UAS Flukes are still battling for the division lead, as the Caps stuck the ACOA Mudstingers 16-11, and the Flukey-ones hit to left against the 10 Rightfielders 13-7.

The Flukes kept breaching over Perseverance/Pak’s to the tune of 6-5.

Perseverance/Pak’s used the ugly stick to wallop Double Ugly 8-5; but the upset of the week came when the Doubly Ugly Boyz deposited the big L on the Caps 13-4.

The quote of that night was, “There is a god…” 

And to finish out a week of turmoil in F Troop, the 10 Rightfielders, aided by a “Farley-long” home run that landed deep on the roof of the Ice Palace at Sandy Beach, stung the Mudstingerless 8-6.

Womens C Division

Lynden started off the week boxing up Alaska Litho 10-9, and the Lady Lithographers also got bounced out by the Imperialistas 11-10. These same Imperials cued up the Louie’s Ladies 14-9.

Pat’s Douglas Inn regained its winning ways from Rainball with an 11-7 stoning of Sticks N Stones.

Womens D Division

In the ongoing tussle for the top, Mendenhall Mall knocked the pilings out from under Merchant’s Wharf 11-6, but the Wharfsters kept the lead with 9-6 ratcheting of the Parts Plus Ladies.

Parts Plus got all its tools back, though, in a 20-4 win over AEG Staffing.

Rounding out the week, Hecla’s Angels put together their first winning streak with divine wins over AEG Staffing 11-3, and Chicks with Sticks 7-0.

Coed D Division

The Drunkateers are still undefeated, but Nizich Dental has given up the fewest runs of any team in the division.

Nizich cleaned SE Waffle House 32-4, while the Drunkateers maintained their streak with a 16-7 baiting of the Wee Fishies.

Coed E Division

Auke Bay Electric and Abby’s Hooliguns stayed wired together at the top of the standings. The Electricians sparked Clif Beadle’s State Farm 20-4, and Valley Liquor Crown Royals, 16-11. The young ‘Guns catered the GCI Party Fouls 10-8.

Coed F North Division

The top four teams in the Coed F troop are close in the standings, and this week demonstrated why.

Killer Bees lost a pair to Bartlett Too and Foodland 11-3. Then, Brain Pain deadened the Too 10-9 after Pavitt Piranhas chomped them 11-8.

Coed F South Division

The top five teams continue to keep on their winning streaks, while the bottom four teams are not. Yet, on any given week, they all can win.

Team America made it an 8 game win streak with an 11-6 operation on Bartlett. The Pirates unfurled the Jolly Roger with a 20-6 sinking of Reliable Oil, and a 20-10 sacking of ERM Adder Ups.

Alaska Towing hooked up Trusted Choice 11-7, and then made it a pair of wins, with a 14-6 demolition of ERM.

Coed G Division

Seabreeze made it 11 in a row with a becalmed 8-7 victory over MRT Slammers, but they gusted once again for a 14-12 victory over the battalions of Terminators.

The Terminators got revenge with a 12-7 tanning of the Red Headed Kids, but then the red heads took out their frustration on AWARE 8-6. AWARE was still starry eyed from its 12-10 dalliance over Attractive Nuisance.

Second Season sign ups

Sign up now for the Coed Second Season for $260 per team for an eight-game season of four doubleheaders, July 20 – Aug. 14. The deadline is July 10.

If you are already a registered JSA coed player, there is no additional player fee.

For men’s and women’s division players, there is a $25 player fee.

All forms can be downloaded at www.juneausoftball.com under the forms tab. You also can check standings and scores at the Website, and check for the “Quiz of the Week” each Wednesday.

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