One `whiner' speaks up

Posted: Monday, July 10, 2000

In response to the letter from ``Citizens Against Whiners,'' the opposite of your coin is as if we should say, ``Isn't it grand that the concept of war crimes and crimes against humanity were not yet in force when we as a people subjugated or eliminated the Native Americans.'' That's absurd. Ya work with what ya got - we start from where we are.

The living conditions that prevailed in Juneau, Treadwell and Douglas at the turn of the century were appalling. Surely those are not the conditions we want to return to. We, the whiners, are trying to ensure that we don't reach that level. The day is past when, in the name of free enterprise, we were able to do our own thing without regard for negative impacts on our neighbors and our planet, itself.

Elva Bontrager


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