Rain-or-shine resturants
It may look like a rolling picnic, but owning a mobile food cart in Juneau is not all fun and games.

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Canadians protest renewal of Polish factory ship contract
VICTORIA, British Columbia - Canadian fish processors are fighting the renewal of a contract that allows fish processing on Polish factory ships off British Columbia.

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No laugh track needed these days
I miss the old Bob Newhart Show, especially those characters Dr. Hartley dealt with in group therapy.

Acting as if nothing is amiss in America
I watched the fireworks over the channel, and the next day I ambled over to the parade and watched the floats and the dancers, and all that boisterous celebration of freedom in America. I watched with an odd feeling of disconnect and sadness. From the enthusiasm, you wouldn't have an inkling that anything was wrong lately.

Garbage pickup times
Like many Juneau residents, our family shares our property with several bears and a couple of de

About Palmer's raise
Front page news! Accept it, folks, the city manager gets a pay raise. And it's retroactive to April! Poor man hasn't received a pay raise since 1999 and his contract doesn't even include a car allowance. (As for teachers? ...) Rest assured Mr. Palmer "takes a lot of pressure and heat from people, handles it well and with humor." Sums it up for a lot of us, I think. Too bad they didn't list Mr. Palmer's benefits, I could have felt like a real peon.

Somewhat shocked at dredging votes
When I read your front page article in Tuesday's paper in which the assembly (two members and the mayor) didn't support the North Wharf Dredging project, I was somewhat shocked. It certainly seems dumb on the part of Sally Smith, Marc Wheeler and Frankie Pillifant not to support something so basic as this that would make our harbor a little safer for the cruise ships.

Missing Hiker Found Alive
Search and rescue teams this afternoon found a hiker lost since Saturday injured but alive. A helicopter pilot spotted 21-year-old Joshua Shrader near Powerline Ridge roughly two miles north of the end of Sheep Creek Trail. Shrader apparently was stamping out the word "help" in the snow when the pilot found him.


MADD's nat'l president urges alcohol education in Alaska
Educating children as well as their parents is one of the keys to solving Alaska's drunken driving problems, according to Millie Webb, national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...


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Fire damages valley home
A fire of unknown cause damaged a Mendenhall Valley house Saturday night. No one was home at the time, and no one was injured fighting the blaze, officials from Capital City Fire and Rescue said.

Legion team edges Alumni, 6-5
Safe at home: American Legion Post 25's Evan Scandling scores on a wild pitch in the first inning of Sunday's 6-5 victory over a Juneau Alumni team, beating Alumni pitcher Wade Walter to home plate for the first run of the game. For the complete story click here.

City to hammer out pulltab repayment plan
Juneau Assembly members on Monday directed the city staff to work with three local pulltab operators to try again to collect $900,000 in sales taxes, penalties and interest owed from past years.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...

Man pleads guilty in sexual assault case
A man pleaded guilty Monday in Juneau Superior Court to a charge of attempted second-degree sexual assault.

Public defender ordered to testify
A public defender will be required to testify in the trial of his former client and possibly before a grand jury that could produce further charges against the defendant.

Assembly grapples with transit dilemmas
Replacing stoplights on Egan Drive with interchanges and reducing demand for driver-only trips are at the top of the city's list of transportation priorities. They also rank high as areas of disagreement for Juneau Assembly members.

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Missing hiker found
Joshua Shrader survived the past two days lost on a Juneau mountain, nursing injuries suffered in a bad fall. But it will not go down as his most harrowing experience, for he has cheated death twice before.

Chance to relive history
A restored B-17 "Nine-O-Nine" makes its final approach to Juneau International airport Monday. The B-17 and another World War II aircraft, a B-24 "Dragon and His Tail," came to Juneau this week on the Wings of Freedom tour, which is giving Juneau residents a chance to step on board the historic planes.


Are American students studying enough?
Americans spend more on schooling students than nearly all other affluent countries. Yet our students make the fewest gains in reading, mathematics and science.

Consider this cure for what's ailing us
Remember when politicians took their marching orders straight from public opinion polls? There wasn't much suspense to it, but at least we were getting the government we said we wanted.

Justice O'Connor and the death penalty
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor told the Minnesota Women Lawyers last week of her concern that the death penalty is unfair and that it's possible innocent people have been executed. She offered no evidence to support her statement, something a lawyer arguing before her would never be allowed to get away with. She did say that six death row inmates were freed last year and 90 have been exonerated by new evidence since 1973.

Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth appears when justified by the number of calls received. Callers' names will appear in print. Call 586-4636 and press 8255 to leave a message.

Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. Callers must leave their name and a number at which they can be contacted (usually between 8 a.m. and noon). Only comments accompanied by a name will be published and only after the caller's identity is verified. Callers' names will appear in print. Call 586-4636 and press 8255 to leave a message.

Surplus? What surplus?
The following editorial appeared in Sunday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: If forecasting is the art of saying what will happen and then explaining why it didn't, the men and women who run the statistical factories in Washington and on Wall Street have a lot of explaining to do.

The transforming songs of Cody Gray Eyes
Saturday afternoon I went over to the powwow - "A Gathering of Tribes" - being held at the Armory. I went partly out of curiosity, having never been to a powwow before, but mainly because I read that there would be a tribute to Cody Gray Eyes, a Juneau man who in past years has been very active at powwows here in town. When I arrived at the powwow, I discovered that the tribute was a memorial. Cody Gray Eyes had passed away.

Dredging delay is a tempest in a teapot
The invective tones in some of the pieces in the Juneau Empire last week regarding harbor dredging were misplaced. To read the editorial and letter in the Empire last week one would think the harbor dredging vote was a referendum on tourism or some significant matter. Somehow this inconsequential vote was turned into a symbolic event by some hot heads with an agenda a tactic unfortunately common in our little town.

China's stubborn abuses
This editorial appeared in today's Los Angeles Times: China may win the right this week to host the 2008 Olympics, but its victory wouldn't offer anything to cheer about. Beijing has not been attempting to improve its human rights record as part of its bid for the Olympics. On the contrary, it's been thumbing its nose at its own citizens and the rest of the world.

Local Scoreboard: Douglas Field Events
Here are the winners of the Douglas Fourth of July field events.

Midnight Suns take third in Tacoma Classic
The 14-younger team from Juneau's Midnight Suns Fastpitch Softball Association finished third out of 10 teams Sunday in the Tacoma Classic softball tournament in Tacoma, Wash., while 16-younger team from the Midnight Suns finished fourth out of seven teams in their bracket.

Sports in Juneau

Sports in Juneau

Legion team edges Alumni, 6-5
The rain held off just long enough for Juneau's American Legion Post 25 Midnight Suns to squeak by the Juneau Alumni team 6-5 on Sunday in an exhibition baseball game at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park.

Two Juneau Soccer Club teams head to Minnesota, four to Seattle
Two Juneau Soccer Club squads will be among the 800 teams at the 17th Annual Schwan's USA Cup international youth soccer tournament held July 15-21 at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minn.

Climate changes threaten Western Alaska village
SHISHMAREF - As world leaders debate the possibility of global warming and its uncertain threat to the future, the reality of climate change has closed in on this Western Alaska Eskimo village - to be precise, on a rusty fuel tank farm holding 80,000 gallons of gasoline and stove oil.


Temps climb 5 to 10 degrees
SHISHMAREF - Mean temperatures in the state have increased by 5 degrees in the summer and 10 degrees in the winter over the past 30 years. said Gunter Weller, director of the Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

Anchorage driver in fatal crash had criminal record
ANCHORAGE - The 19-year-old driver who crashed into an Anchorage Police Department patrol car Monday had a history of vehicle thefts and attempts to elude police.

Four people rescued after hours in life raft
MOSCOW - The American pilot of a plane on its way to Alaska that fell into the sea off Russia's Far East struggled for 15 hours to keep afloat in a life raft with his three Japanese passengers before hearing the sounds of the ship that rescued them.

Coast Guard aims to use sonar to investigate sinking of Arctic Rose
ANCHORAGE - The Coast Guard panel investigating the sinking of the Arctic Rose will try to get a look at the vessel next week with the aid of sonar and a remotely operated camera. But Coast Guard officials said Monday they have no plans to recover the vessel or anything on it.

Tsunami watchers live to warn of big waves
ANCHORAGE - Alec Medbery waded through knee-high fireweed and dandelions to a granite outcropping overlooking the city of Palmer. Rattling his keys, he opened a door in a concrete wall under the big rock and snapped on a light bulb in a damp government-gray room with an orange cylinder sitting in the center.

3 teens, police officer die in Anchorage crash
ANCHORAGE - An Anchorage police officer and three teen-agers were killed today in a head-on collision after a driver suspected of being drunk refused to stop for police.

Operator appeals ban on eagle baiting
HAINES - A Haines tour operator is appealing a state order banning the baiting of eagles for observation purposes within the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.


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