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Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2002

... for all the help.

The Tongass Alaska Girl Scout Council just finished a wonderful resident camp program and would like to thank those who helped make it a huge success for girls from Southeast Alaska:

Camp staff volunteers, Sandy DeCourcey, Holly Flom, Carole Knuth, Cathy Graham, Shawn Marie Carpenter, Elizabeth Shaw, Leelynn Thompson, Kay Shoemaker, Carrie Heuberger, Gwendolyn Anding; our Americorps*VISTA workers, Andy Peterson and Melissa Valyo and our special projects director, Charlotte Kay Barker.

To all who helped with the logistics, supplies and luggage, Mary Stanghill, Debbie Lumba, Mark and Tim Peterson, Sue Lutz and our hero, Terry Lutz. For the donation of the luggage truck and time, Marvin and Teresa Newton and Odom Corporation.

Many thanks to those who helped with transportation of supplies and people: Temsco, Coastal and Holland-America.

Finally, a thank you to the citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau for partial funding through the Youth Activities Grant and to the Alaska Highway Safety Office for T-shirts purchased through the Mothers and Daughters Against Drunk Driving Program.

Tongass Alaska Girl Scout Council

...for your contributions.

The students and staff at Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative High School would like to thank the following people for contributing to our school this past year:

Alaskan & Proud market; Alaska Pacific Bank; Alaska DOT; Alaska State Employee Credit Union; Alaska State Museum; Anne Rosen, Alaska Airlines; April Hotchkiss, Juneau-Douglas High School; Aurora Lang; AWARE; Beau Kelly, Alaska Division Of Vocational Rehabilitation; Beth Davidson, Alaska Job Corps; Bill Geolette and Laurie Tinney; Blockbuster Video; Bob Fishel; Boys and Girls Club of Juneau; Brandy Tiger; Carol Race; Carrs Quality Center; Channel Bowl; Christina Armelin, Healthy Families and JRC; Chuck Craig, UAS; Darrell Brown, Four Seasons; David Moore; David Ottoson, Rainbow Foods; Deana Darnall, ANP; Dj-Chez Sante; Dr. Birger Baastrap, Chiropractor; Elyse Griffin, Americorps; Fitness Plus; Fred Meyer's; Greg Wagner, UAS; J&J Deli; Jamie McLean; Jan Anderson; Jan Spiech; Jason Thomas, Gastineau Guiding; JDHS; Jenni Lefing, SAGA; Joni Leet; Judge Peter Froelich; Juneau Arts and Humanities Council; Juneau Douglas City Museum; Juneau Police Department; JRC; Juneau Rotary Club; Juneau School District Central Office; Juneau Veterans of Foreign Wars; Karl Bausler, PA, ANB; Karin Siebenmorgen, AWARE; Katie Fishel; Kim Keifer, CBJ; Kim Martin, JPD; Kristi West, Zach Gordon; Latif Bolat, Turkish Musician; Leonard Gone; Leslie Kupper, Americorps; Marc Scholten, US Forest Service; Marcus Ulery; Mary Tonsmeire and Teen Health Center; MaryAnn Stilner, UAS; Michael Bishop, CPO; Michael Rowcroft, Juneau Recovery Hospital; Pasha Cherynakov; Pat Farrell, VFW; Pat Race, Lucid Reverie; Perseverance Theatre; Ray Troll; Representative Beth Kerttula; Reuben Willis, State Farm Agent; Riley Woodford, Juneau Empire; Rorie Watt, CBJ; Rose Piper, Juneau Alliance for Mental Health, Inc.; SAGA; Salvation Army; Sean Kelly, TEMSCO; Senator Kim Elton; Sgt. Brown, U.S. Army; Sgt. Carpenter, U.S. Army; Sgt. Englund, National Guard; Sgt. Ilalio, National Guard; Shanti; Southeast Alaska Food Bank; Staci Fain, U.S . Coast Guard; Sue Webb, PHN; Super Bear Supermarket; Sydney Boyer, AWARE; Tauna Niemi; The Glory Hole; The Gastineau Humane Society; Wilma Cooper, RN; Zach Gordon Youth Center; and to anyone we may have forgotten, thank you.

Have a great summer!

Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative High School staff and students

...for the tour.

The Seniors and Disabled Residents of Mountain View Public Housing wish to express our appreciation to the owners of Glacier Gardens; Cindy and Steve Bowhay, and manager, Tina Clark, for providing us with a tour of the Glacier Gardens and extending to us the use of picnic facilities. The Glacier Gardens are a wonderful experience, which we would not be able to share without their generosity and the assistance of AHFC Public Housing staff and Care-A-Van transportation.

Andy Pope, chair, executive committee

Mountain View Resident Council

...for the help.

Thank you Elks Lodge 420 and all the people who helped with the Lalani Finau fund-raiser; the salmon was great.

Georgia Finau

...for the generosity.

Thank you SAGA for designing and building our wonderful bike rack cover at Riverbend. We appreciate your enthusiasm and generosity!

Riverbend Learning Community

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