Opening of roundabout delayed one to two weeks

Rainy weather forces crew to address puddle problem

Posted: Sunday, July 10, 2005

Douglas Island commuters expecting to get some traffic relief near the Douglas Bridge will have to wait one to two weeks longer for the roundabout to open.

A project engineer said earlier the traffic circle would be completed by July 4, but rainy weather and a slight construction problem have caused the delay, said Chris Morrow, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Works director of construction for Southeast Alaska.

Rainfall showed a significant puddle forming in one area of the road, revealing a drainage problem. The area will need to be re-graded and re-paved.

Morrow said he did not want to jeopardize the project just to meet a deadline. He expects the traffic circle to be open by the end of this week or later this month.

The SECON crew contracted to build the roundabout was absent last week while taking a five-day holiday and the paving laborers were working in Ketchikan, but both crews should return to Juneau this week, Morrow said.

When the roundabout opens, temporary lines will be painted on the road while the asphalt settles for 30 days, after which it can be repainted.

"For now, it's not going to look pretty like we want it to," Morrow said.

After the traffic circle is open, Morrow said crew will continue surfacing the bridge and smoothing bridge joints.

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