Juneau needs to fight to keep the capital from moving

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I wrote the city of Juneau a letter about a year or so ago, detailing what would happen if Sarah Palin were elected governor. I said she would start moving the government out of Juneau, one office at a time.

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Well, so far so good. The recent special session held outside Juneau was proof, and the fact they are considering another special session in the fall is even more proof.

My other prediction was that if the government left Juneau, we would become like Sitka, completely dependent on tourism and fishing.

I have since moved down south. It feels great to be able to drive wherever and whenever I want, and that I can travel across the country for cheaper than it would cost me to fly from Juneau to Seattle and back. The scenery is great too, and everyone is just as environmentally aware as folks in Juneau.

I say it's now or never. Build the road, fight to keep the Legislature in town and to keep Juneau the state capital. Right now, it's the only thing we have left.

Nickie Flanders

Former Juneau resident

Pensacola, Fla.

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