Wasteful spending in Washington

Posted: Friday, July 10, 2009

There is a current issue in the U.S. Senate right now to fund a backup engine for the Joint Strike Fighter. This basically is pork barrel politics at its worst. It would cost billions and the current engine is working just fine, according to the experts, including President Obama, who stated on May 7 "We're going to save money by eliminating unnecessary defense programs that do nothing to keep us safe - but rather prevent us from spending money on what does keep us safe. One example is a $465 million program to build an alternate engine it has. The engine it has works."

President Obama is right to request that Congress stop spending billions on an engine that is not even going to be ready to test for several more years. Let the manufacturer fund the research and development with their money, not mine. My money should be spent on tools that protect this country right now.

Tom Biss


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