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Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2000

The Juneau Trolley Car company is expanding its fleet.

The company's new trolley -- called Nelliebelle -- is manufactured by the Classic Trolleys company, which has been making such cars since 1983. It holds a mark of distinction: It's one of the first trolleys ever made by the company.

``Since then there's been hundreds of others made. They're all over the United States,'' said Jim Demers, operations manager.

The new trolley was purchased from a man in Minnesota, and is ``a little cruder'' than the 1995-issue already in use.

``It's all oak wood, of course,'' Demers said. ``There's not as many brass rails. It does not have air brakes ... (But) to the untrained eye, it's going to look like a twin sister.''

Additionally, Nelliebelle is an investment for the future.

``Eventually the company wants to get this back from us and put it in their museum,'' Demers said. ``It guarantees us a trade in value if we ever decide to upgrade to a newer classic value.

``It is kind of coup to have this.''

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