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Canadians protest renewal of Polish factory ship contract
VICTORIA, British Columbia - Canadian fish processors are fighting the renewal of a contract that allows fish processing on Polish factory ships off British Columbia.

Rain-or-shine resturants
It may look like a rolling picnic, but owning a mobile food cart in Juneau is not all fun and games.


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Maintaining airline access is crucial
The Alaska Committee is a nonprofit organization with an 18-member volunteer board whose mission is to retain the state capital in Juneau. The most significant criticism and challenge we continually face is the issue of access. As a longtime re

About Palmer's raise
Front page news! Accept it, folks, the city manager gets a pay raise. And it's retroactive to April! Poor man hasn't received a pay raise since 1999 and his contract doesn't even include a car allowance. (As for teachers? ...) Rest assured Mr. Palmer "takes a lot of pressure and heat from people, handles it well and with humor." Sums it up for a lot of us, I think. Too bad they didn't list Mr. Palmer's benefits, I could have felt like a real peon.

Chance to relive history
A restored B-17 "Nine-O-Nine" makes its final approach to Juneau International airport Monday. The B-17 and another World War II aircraft, a B-24 "Dragon and His Tail," came to Juneau this week on the Wings of Freedom tour, which is giving Juneau residents a chance to step on board the historic planes.

Princess testing electric hookup
Princess Cruises this week is testing a new dockside electrical hookup that will allow ships to turn off their smoke-producing engines most of the time they are in Juneau.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...

Public defender ordered to testify
A public defender will be required to testify in the trial of his former client and possibly before a grand jury that could produce further charges against the defendant.

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Assembly grapples with transit dilemmas
Replacing stoplights on Egan Drive with interchanges and reducing demand for driver-only trips are at the top of the city's list of transportation priorities. They also rank high as areas of disagreement for Juneau Assembly members.

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Pet of the week

College grads and awards
The following are some recent local college graduates and honors recipients. Additional listings will be published as space permits.

Rarities in Juneau are common in Tenakee
Living around big trees that overarch houses and cover the front yard with protective shade is an experience few southeastern families experience. Our trees are more upright, soaring vertically without spreading very far. This is a function of both species and age, since even a Sitka Spruce will spread out if given enough time.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...


City to hammer out pulltab repayment plan
Juneau Assembly members on Monday directed the city staff to work with three local pulltab operators to try again to collect $900,000 in sales taxes, penalties and interest owed from past years.

Missing hiker found
Joshua Shrader survived the past two days lost on a Juneau mountain, nursing injuries suffered in a bad fall. But it will not go down as his most harrowing experience, for he has cheated death twice before.

Cordova to battle plan for districts
The city of Cordova will fight a plan by the Alaska Redistricting Board to pair the town with communities in a Southeast House election district.


Saying farewell can be a unique time in Alaska
The moment a loved one dies there seems to be a thousand chores that need doing: calling the relatives, the doctor, the mortician, dealing with a kitchen overflowing with donated food, writing an obituary and planning a funeral service. The lens of grief magnifies the challenge of these tasks and can be all-consuming. In the avalanche of events following the moment of death it can be easy to forget to take the time to simply be with the body of our loved one, to say our goodbyes with the peace and space that we really need.

Man pleads guilty in sexual assault case
A man pleaded guilty Monday in Juneau Superior Court to a charge of attempted second-degree sexual assault.

B.C. ferry woes teach Alaska
Alaska Marine Highway System officials say state proposals for fast ferries will avoid problems encountered in British Columbia. The Canadian province's fast ferries have encountered a host of problems and could be sold as scrap.


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Andres Delfin Julaton


Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth appears when justified by the number of calls received. Callers' names will appear in print. Call 586-4636 and press 8255 to leave a message.

Justice O'Connor and the death penalty
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor told the Minnesota Women Lawyers last week of her concern that the death penalty is unfair and that it's possible innocent people have been executed. She offered no evidence to support her statement, something a lawyer arguing before her would never be allowed to get away with. She did say that six death row inmates were freed last year and 90 have been exonerated by new evidence since 1973.

It's 4 a.m., do we know where our kids are?
My son is 13 and I'm pretty confident I can state he doesn't care for me a lot of the time. I am also fairly sure it's not going to get any better as he continues through the teen-age years, both from my own experience and from listening to friends and family of teens.

Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. Callers must leave their name and a number at which they can be contacted (usually between 8 a.m. and noon). Only comments accompanied by a name will be published and only after the caller's identity is verified. Callers' names will appear in print. Call 586-4636 and press 8255 to leave a message.

Surplus? What surplus?
The following editorial appeared in Sunday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: If forecasting is the art of saying what will happen and then explaining why it didn't, the men and women who run the statistical factories in Washington and on Wall Street have a lot of explaining to do.

Testing Tonia: A teacher's call to action
Tonia will not leave. She is here in Juneau with me, her chocolate eyes and smiling face staring back from every page, every computer screen, every thought. This quiet eighth-grader is an English teacher's dream lugging around her spiral-bound journals, writing volumes of poetry, professing her desire to be a writer when she grows up.

Consider this cure for what's ailing us
Remember when politicians took their marching orders straight from public opinion polls? There wasn't much suspense to it, but at least we were getting the government we said we wanted.

Squirming at common sense
The following editorial appeared in the July 5 issue of The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee: It's remarkable how a little frank talk about sex can make a lot of people squirm.

City should not encourage pulltabs' sales tax stalling
Deputy Mayor John MacKinnon is right. Neither the law nor politics will allow the Juneau Assembly to forgive about $1 million in unpaid taxes, penalties, interest and attorney's fees owed by three Juneau pulltab operations.

Dredging delay is a tempest in a teapot
The invective tones in some of the pieces in the Juneau Empire last week regarding harbor dredging were misplaced. To read the editorial and letter in the Empire last week one would think the harbor dredging vote was a referendum on tourism or some significant matter. Somehow this inconsequential vote was turned into a symbolic event by some hot heads with an agenda a tactic unfortunately common in our little town.

Sports in Juneau

Two Juneau Soccer Club teams head to Minnesota, four to Seattle
Two Juneau Soccer Club squads will be among the 800 teams at the 17th Annual Schwan's USA Cup international youth soccer tournament held July 15-21 at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minn.

Local Scoreboard: Juneau Softball Standings
Final 2001 first-season standings from the Juneau Softball Association.

Local Scoreboard: Douglas Field Events
Here are the winners of the Douglas Fourth of July field events.

Two Juneau residents compete in Vineman Tri
Two Juneau women competed in the 2001 Vineman Half-Ironman Triathlon that took place July 8 in Sonoma County, Calif.

Sports in Juneau

Knowles approves VPSO pay hike
Village public safety officers working in rural Alaska are getting a raise.

Anchorage driver in fatal crash had criminal record
ANCHORAGE - The 19-year-old driver who crashed into an Anchorage Police Department patrol car Monday had a history of vehicle thefts and attempts to elude police.

Operator appeals ban on eagle baiting
HAINES - A Haines tour operator is appealing a state order banning the baiting of eagles for observation purposes within the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.

EPA chief promises Alaska a receptive ear
ANCHORAGE - Environmental Protection Agency chief Christie Todd Whitman says environmental protection does not mean locking up resources.

Coast Guard aims to use sonar to investigate sinking of Arctic Rose
ANCHORAGE - The Coast Guard panel investigating the sinking of the Arctic Rose will try to get a look at the vessel next week with the aid of sonar and a remotely operated camera. But Coast Guard officials said Monday they have no plans to recover the vessel or anything on it.

Crewman says USCG ignored safety warning
ANCHORAGE - A former Arctic Rose crewman says he warned the Coast Guard the ship was dangerous about six years ago, but was ignored.



Anchorage police to review policies after fatal car crash
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage police are conducting an internal review after a Monday crash that killed a police officer and three teen-agers to see if any policies or training methods merit revision.

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