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Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm from out of state and happened to be in town this week, where I picked up Wednesday's paper. It had an interesting juxtaposition of a mining article and a mining-related ad. The article, "Boom brings opportunities for miners, dilemmas for mines," said the high price of metals, particularly gold, is creating a demand for miners that is leading to recruitment of miners from outside the state. The advertisement related to the Kensington mine that appears three pages further into the paper, notes that the Kensington mine currently plans to dump its waste rock into a local lake, even though there are other cleaner disposal options. Surely, with the high price of gold, the owners of Kensington mine can afford a more appropriate disposal option.

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In the interest of protecting Alaska's waters, why aren't the state and the federal governments holding the mine to a slightly higher environmental standard by making them dispose of their waste responsibly? Even an outsider can see that if you own a gold mine, and the price of gold recently hit a 25-year high, you should be able to have your mine and protect your environment too. No?

John McManus

Pacifica, Calif.

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