The state needs to protect wolves

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why is the Alaska Board of Game's policy to continue to kill wolves? We, the people of Alaska, have voted twice recently against aerial wolf control. Do our objections to this policy mean nothing?

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It is time that the Alaska Board of Game wakes up and pays attention. The Board needs to be reorganized to make it more responsive to the wishes of Alaskan voters.

According to testimony at Board meetings by people from the Native villages, urban hunters - not wolves - are putting pressure on the moose and caribou populations. Urban hunters should be regulated more. Wide use of snowmachines to hunt wolves is another problem.

Tourists come to see all our animals. The Alaskan people support wolves. Let's keep much of Alaska a wilderness, where every predator has a chance.

Sylvia Gard


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