Air cargo industry isn't that dangerous

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I found the "Air cargo still under radar despite deaths" article, of July 9, amazingly ridiculous. The article seems to make the air cargo industry seem like a dangerous and unruly world, which is erroneous.

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I don't deny that there are problem areas in the industry just like any other industry (I flew with the Utah outfit you mentioned, so I know firsthand). You ask for more regulation in air cargo, but you probably complain about shipping costs when you have to mail something. More regulation means more expense to air cargo operators and taxpayers alike.

You complain about six people who have died in the first quarter of this year in air cargo accidents, but you mention nothing of the who knows how many drivers that have died in the commercial ground transportation industry, or any other industry for that matter. Six really is a small number.

You mention how closely the crashing aircraft came to hitting crowds of people, but you fail to think that the pilot probably saw that crowd and turned a different direction at the expense of his or her life. I could continue, but I hope you get my point: Stop making air transportation sound like such a dangerous place. It is, by far, much safer than most or all other modes of transportation.

Damon Johnson


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