Local Miss Pre-Teen eyes nationals

Winner of statewide pageant, 12, seeking help for U.S. event

Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

After winning another pageant crown, 12-year-old Charlotte Brown has her eyes set on a lofty goal.

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To pay for a trip to Florida to represent Alaska in the National Miss American Coed Pageant in November, she will be seeking community sponsorship on level considered high for an Alaska girl, he father, Jason Brown, said Monday.

"It's a very high goal," he said. "But we're going to be out there asking people for support.

Charlotte was crowned Miss Pre-Teen Alaska in the pageant that ran June 29 through July 1 at the Sheraton Hotel in Anchorage. In addition to her banner, trophy and crown, she won five medals. Along with a medal for the title, she was honored as top volunteer among the girls. She also won meals for sportswear, artistic talent and personality.

The title included a $100 scholarship.

"I like being in pageants," she said. Last year at Disneyland in Anaheim, she won Miss Crowning Moments and Miss National Hostess.

With the title, Charlotte, who will be going into the seventh grade at Floyd Dryden Middle School in the fall, said she will be looking to do more volunteer work, such as reading to younger children.

She has helped the American Red Cross and other causes as part of the Glitter Girls, a singing group made up of local preteen girls.

Singing was her talent at the pageant, as she sang the song "Blue" by Leann Rymes. The personality award, she said, was something that some 45 girls in the pageant from around Alaska voted on.

He father made both her sportswear and evening wear costumes, he said. "I was the only father there," he said. The other girls had mothers and grandmothers helping them. Charlotte's mother, Audrey, meanwhile, is talking about building a trophy case.

Jason Brown helping his daughter wasn't the biggest surprise the Juneau pair had in store for the contest organizers, though. "When we showed up, they were a little surprised (Charlotte) was in a wheelchair," he said.

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Jason Brown can be reached at 321-2514 or hardrockak@aol.com.

Charlotte said she has been in a wheelchair for five years. A rollover accident on Egan Drive on Dec. 8, 2001, left her paralyzed from the waist down at the age of 7.

"They asked why I didn't tell them (about the wheelchair)," Jason Brown said. "I said, 'Why should I tell you that?'"

The pageant had to build a ramp at the hotel, he said.

She has not given up, she said.

The Browns raised about $1,500 in the community for sponsorship and travel to the Alaska pageant this summer. For the national pageant during Thanksgiving weekend Jason Brown said they are thinking in terms of business cards.

Ads in the pageant program cost $600 a page, he said. Ten business cards can fit on a page and the space could be sold for $60 each. Selling 20 pages would gain her National Cover Girl status, and pay for the hotel at Disney World in Orlando, Fla., he said.

He figures 200 business cards would pay for most of the cost of the trip, as well as two tickets to Disney World. "We have 212 months to raise this money," he said. The materials for the pageant are due by Sept. 25.

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