Ketchikan man charged with hacksaw assault

Posted: Sunday, July 11, 2010

KETCHIKAN - A 34-year-old Ketchikan man accused of attacking another man with a hacksaw has been jailed on an assault charge.

Eugene Estes is accused of taking a hacksaw to the leg of 42-year-old Ted R. Glasser as he lay unconscious in Estes' home.

Ketchikan Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett told the Ketchikan Daily News that the department received a 911 call just after 9 a.m. Thursday and could hear yelling. The call ended, and when an officer called back, no one answered.

Officers traced the call to a home and went to investigate.

They found Glasser with a wound 3 inches long and a half-inch deep on his upper left calf. Police said a large amount of blood covered the floor and Glasser's socks and shoes. Officers also noted bruises on the left side of Glasser's face.

Dossett said Glasser had been invited to Estes' home by a roommate. When Estes asked him to leave and Glasser refused, the men got into a fight.

"They were all drinking heavily," Dossett said.

Glasser told police Estes struck him seven or eight times before he lost consciousness, though Dossett said Friday it was unclear whether Glasser had passed out or if Estes had knocked him out.

Glasser told officers that when he awoke, Estes was sawing into his leg.

Police said Estes admitted fighting with Glasser, causing the injuries to his face and attacking him with the hacksaw. They said he handed over a bloody hacksaw.

An ambulance took Glasser to Ketchikan General Hospital. Estes was charged him with third-degree assault, Dossett said.

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