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Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Yesterday's Letter to the Editor that was an allegory about noise was just outrageous. Both funny, tragic and right on.

The allegory written about peace andquiet deserves serious contemplation.

I read the Letters to the Editor yesterday and I really appreciated the letters that were courteous and trying to stay above the mud-slinging about the noise debate in town. I thought the allegory about the noise was ridiculous. We don't need to add drama to this situation. We need to find some middle ground and come up with some workable compromises.

I was out walking on a trail for an hour and a half yesterday and I heard a helicopter for about a minute. I held no animosity toward the flightseeing companies; I was happy that other people could see the beauty of this area.

Thanks so much to the policeman who took time out to acknowledge our children for wearing their bike helmets while bicycling. Thanks to all the hard working people at the Juneau Police Department.

Clearly Gov. Knowles has no problem with the Seward Highway. But, what about the highway out of Juneau? Maybe we should call it the Knowles Road and see what happens.

Been to our local cinemas lately? With the price of tickets these days, they should be able to pay good help to clean the floors and seats in between movie showings instead of gabbing in the lobby with their friends.

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