Prison politics

Posted: Friday, July 12, 2002

Ken Kreitzer's recent letter, "Union out of touch with members, when it backed Ulmer for Governor" is analytically flawed and fails to demonstrate an understanding of the privatization movement. I suggest that he revisit economic theory. He will find that privatization is a right-wing conservative concept.

His letter attempts to blame Fran Ulmer for a lack of support in the campaign by the PSEA to keep private prisons out of Alaska. The private prison movement was conceived in the Lower 48 and brought to Alaska by the right-wing conservatives. In the bid to place a private prison in Alaska, it was the fringe elements of our Republican Legislature that passed two bills funding construction and operation of a private prison. The first approved a Delta Junction location, the second in Kenai. Both failed due to the efforts of the PSEA at the local level.

Right-wing conservatives are enemies of public employees and other working Alaskans, as evidenced by their privatization and right-to-work (for less) movements.

Mr. Kreitzer's letter is a disservice to the PSEA and Fran Ulmer, a long-time advocate of working Alaskans, and certainly does nothing for Murkowski by linking him to these outside, anti-worker, movements.

Jack Burton

Moose Pass

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