Skewed values

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 12, 2004

How could anyone who values the principles this country is founded on say anything like what Heather Karpstein said? Saying something like "if you think that, get out," is so contrary to what America is about. What happened to diversity and love for your neighbor? Don't you know that an American is an Iraqi, Chinese, Cherokee, Irish, Russian, Egyptian and thousands of other different kinds of people? All with unique brains that think unique thoughts? It's a good thing not all of us think alike - if we did, the world would be boring.

America is not so perfect a place - don't kid yourself. And shame on you for being so naive. Yes, you could believe the silly stories in your grade school history books about how Egyptians were white and how great our founding fathers were. But Christopher Columbus was a raping, thieving conqueror in search of riches. The majority of the early settlers were in fact criminals fleeing Europe. Everyone that signed the Declaration of Independence owned slaves who were stolen from their homes and families. Don't forget also about the genocide of so many Native American races under the philosophy of Manifest Destiny (yes the white man believed he was destined to rule the West). Not to mention places like Latin and South America, Indochina, and now the Mideast where the U.S. has installed its own governments in order to control influence and resources.

When I travel, people ask where I'm from. I'm ashamed to say I'm American. So I say I'm Alaskan.

John Market


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