Focus on the positive, not the bad manners

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I had a very nice Fourth of July celebration this year. I watched both parades and was amused and impressed. Yes, I was a bit offended by a couple of entries, and I am always baffled whenever anyone uses a public event to make other people feel bad. That is the sole effect of those kinds of displays, just something to take a little joy out of the onlooker.

Why does anyone do that? More importantly, why does the hometown newspaper focus on the little bit of negative when there was so much positive to report? Bad manners was the intro to the story in Tuesday's paper. I have the distinct impression that since nobody got killed or blew their hand off this year, the newspaper had to drum up something negative by trying to start a fight.

So, Ms. Editor, tell your reporters to report the news, not try to make it. This is a family newspaper that should be trusted to reflect the community as a whole, not give extra space to some killjoys that abuse their blood-paid freedom of speech to dim, only slightly, a wonderful day.

Finally, to those of you who get high from offending others, you should know that such behavior is counterproductive to your cause. Were I tempted to publicly criticize my government, I would hesitate for fear others would think I was like you. Bad manners will obscure even the most noble message.

To all others who made the parades and other activities possible, many thanks.

Murray R. Walsh


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