City fees and taxes are over the top

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The city of Juneau is way out of line with their launch fees. The boat ramp and its roads, sewer and water are the only improvements that the city makes that benefit me and which I pay taxes for both through high rent and sales taxes.

I am paying taxes on property on Shelter Island and receiving no services unless they want to consider sending people over to see if there's any more improvements to milk me for. How is it that the people running this city think they can continue to tax me for services I don't use, such as a ski area, and services they couldn't provide on a remote island and still require me to pay additional fees for one of the few that actually benefit me? And how do they justify charging $50 annually for each user at Auke Bay with the apparent minimal maintenance they do. Most of the improvements made are benefiting commercial businesses.

Juneau is a runaway bureaucracy and does not have my support.

Rodney Gauthier

Shelter Island

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