Overlooking the facts in WMD debate

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I can't believe Mr. Lie-Nielsen (July 9) is still hanging on to the WMD rhetoric. What Mr. Lie-Nielsen failed to include in his letter are the facts.

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There were approximately 21 resolutions considered as reasons to remove Saddam Hussein and his brutal regime. Congress considered all 21 resolutions and saw their way clear to condone going to war with Saddam, as well as al-Qaida. Congress voted in support of the war.

Some people continue to perpetuate this lie, as well as the lie that President Bushed lied about WMDs. A bipartisan committee investigated that very subject and came to the conclusion President Bush did not lie. How much more simply can I put it?

I was also amazed by Mr. Lie-Nielsen's many other unfounded, unsubstantiated statements. Mr. Lie-Nielsen stated the majority of Bush supporters didn't serve their country. Does this statement actually hold water with anyone out there? What are Mr. Lie-Nielsen's sources? I see an out-of-touch, angry ignorance in Mr. Lie-Nilesen. He seems to base his opinion on polls and Google. Most of us know how flimsy polls are. As a matter of fact I recently read a NewsMax.com article that stated President Bush's approval rating is rising. According to Mr. Lie-Nielsen this would be valid information, considering the information came off of the Internet.

I also fail to see the correlation between the fact that because someone didn't serve in the military makes them unqualified to carry on a war. From my understanding President Bush is leaving military decisions to military leaders, not political opinion. Maybe that is the cause of the liberal sentiment - they want more control or recognition. The liberals' point of view seems to be that a person who doesn't fight in war is someone to be revered. Now isn't Mr. Lie-Nielsen's view of President Bush, and all his supporters who don't serve, simply a contradiction?

I would also like to point out the dissension among the Democratic party. Sen. Joe Liberman is being attacked for his support of the war in Iraq. Sen. Hillary Clinton is being attacked by her party for her sentiments on the Iraq war. The Democratic party is upset with Sen. John Kerry for his extreme stand on withdrawing our troops immediately. Shall I go on? I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Lie-Nielsen for his service to our country.

Gregory Acres


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