It's important to be informed on fluoride

Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am discouraged by how many of us, including myself, have lost our way when it comes to decision making. This is due to many things, including limited choices of information in the local media as well as personal obstacles such as time restraints and responsibilities that take away from time that could be spent fully investigating questions or concerns.

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I am becoming more and more concerned that the limited perspective presented in our local media may have been the only information many in our community received on the water fluoridation issue.

I want to share a Web page that has the entire report from the city's fluoride commission ( Hopefully the page will make it easy for all of us to take advantage of all the research and energy that the appointed individuals put into researching the issue. I read the report finally. And although it takes time, my appreciation for what I learned about the issue assures me that my choice, if I have the chance to vote on the issue, will be a well-informed one.

To be completely honest, I googled before I took the time to read the entire report. After glancing at the first several sites that came up, I realized that any time I spent using those sources of information would be akin to picking up The Enquirer at the supermarket to quickly find out about global warming. Hopefully I will make more informed choices in the future as well as find time to see both sides of important issues that affect all citizens. It should be a priority for all of us who have the privilege of voting.

Jane Edwards


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