Thanks for participating in May 2 beach cleanup

Posted: Sunday, July 12, 2009

Turning the Tides would like to thank everyone who participated in our May 2 beach cleanup. It was a great success and a lot of fun - fantastic weather, beautiful scenery, breeching whales, good people and a worthwhile task.

Thirty-nine volunteers, including a great crew from Juneau Youth Services, removed 3000 pounds of trash from 12 miles of shoreline on the 14 islands in Channel Island Marine Park from Benjamin Island in the north down to Battleship Island in Auke Bay. Six captains transported volunteers to and from the islands.

A special thanks goes to the charter boat captains Greg Brown, of Weather Permitting, Larry Dupler, of the Orca Explorer, and Peter Wright, of the Summer King, who all gave up a day of potential business for the beach cleanup. And thanks to the other boat captains Bob Doll, Del Carnes and Mark Petersen, who donated their fuel and gave up a day of fishing.

The cleanup would not have been possible without the help of Alaska State Parks, which hauled and disposed of all the trash collected. The Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation (with funding from NOAA) is paying for fuel and supplies. The cost of the operation was a whopping $16,137.89.

The smallest portion, $655.89, was for fuel and supplies and the remaining $15,482 was in-kind donations, in other words, volunteer labor, fuel donations, and the use of volunteer's boats. Thanks to all the Juneau birders who cautioned and educated us about nesting Black Oystercatchers and also thank Gwen Baluss, Mark Anderson, John Church, Laurie Lamm and Laurie Vidic, who came along to pick up trash and steer us away from the oystercatchers.

We couldn't have done the beach cleanup without the rest of our hearty volunteers: Peter Andruss, Chad Roza, Ron Johansen, Brianna Jackson, Geraldo Rodas, Ron Berg, Mihael Blikshteyn, Carl Reese, Cher Stone, Karla Hart, Bettye Adams, Dixie Belcher, Andrea Doll, Paul Germano, Susan Nachtigal, Wade Irwin, Janice Hollender, Lisa Meyers, Karen Petersen, Kit Petersen, Ashley Saupe, David Rolfe, Sean Kelly, Tripp Henderson, Carly Neumuth, Jacob Caggiano, Bob Sylvester, Devin Cranston, Michael Brink, Michael Apatiki, William Black and Carol Race. More beach cleanups lie ahead.

Turning the Tides hopes to return to the heavily trashed Halibut Cove on Shelter Island as part of the International Coastal Cleanup on Sept. 19. Turning the Tides also will also be working with the Friends of Admiralty to plan a September clean up of the littered beaches on the eastern side of Admiralty Island south of Point Retreat.

Carol Anderson

Turning the Tides


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