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Posted: Thursday, July 13, 2000

Thanks Juneau Empire for keeping track of our local athletes. I didn't know that Juneau had such talented pitchers. It gives the grade-schoolers someone to look up to and positive role models.

When you attack kids working, you've hit the ultimate low. The kids who work at the local theaters get paid just above minimum wage and they work in a job where they get constant abuse from the public. At least they're working. It's not their fault that the ticket prices are high. Talk to the stars in Hollywood about what it costs to see a movie.

No dogs should be allowed on Sandy Beach. I have a dog and I don't have anything against dogs. But I don't allow my dog to defecate near people who are eating and cover it with sand. Nor do I allow him to urinate in the water near small children wading or run over other people's blankets. We're lucky to have such a beautiful beach in town; dogs should be prohibited.

When repeated DWI offenders lack the self-control to stay off the road and when they don't have the network of family and friends to keep them off the road, the state needs to step in. When pulling their driver's license doesn't keep them off the road, then we need to institute long, long jail terms. I want my family protected from the sickening tragedies of drunk drivers.

In regards to the fast ferries, let's not send our money down south like we did with the Kennicott. Let's build the fast ferries here in Alaska. We have the facilities in Ketchikan.

For a governor who is so pro-family and pro-environment, I can't understand why Gov. Knowles wants fast ferries that will eliminate good paying jobs and burn 800 gallons of fossil fuel an hour. All we're doing is giving up jobs for oil. I'd rather see the money go to the workers and the families that live here.

DOT says the new fast ferries will run seven days a week. How can they say that? When it doesn't work seven days a week, where will those executives be - stuck in a Southeast town or connected to a Lower 48 highway?

Everybody's always complaining about whether or not we should have roads out of Juneau or fast ferries. How about a train? They work really good.

Hurray for the downtown staff of Wings of Alaska who were the first to arrive, followed closely by the Coast Guard, to aid the vessel that was on fire at the Seadrome yesterday.

I don't understand all the commotion about helicopter and plane noise. I've lived in Lemon Creek for more than 20 years and they have never bothered me. It's just a sign of summer. Let's get on with our lives and stop worrying about a little noise.

Word of Mouth is a great section for people to state their opinions. I really like it.

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