Parks and gardens on the waterfront

Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2003

The Assembly's Quality of Life goals are education and recreation. Waterfront Parks and Gardens meet those goals.

"Parks and Gardens" is verbal shorthand for devoting Juneau's waterfront to the maximum extent possible to parks, gardens, bike and pedestrian paths, museums, statues, monuments, small boat harbors, band shells, fountains, cultural items (totem poles, etc.), as for example, is done in Chicago.

Over 250 Juneauites signed petitions asking for Waterfront Parks and Gardens. This is more than all who attended the last waterfront workshops and info sessions.

Workshop attendees rated no development plant higher than C+ or B- (no higher than 3.8 out of 5). But Parks and Gardens is an A+ according to Chicagoans and it's a unified plan, not a chopped-magic. (The consultant divided our waterfront into six separate sections.)

The consultant just reported plans to conduct a survey of 16,000-17,000 registered voters, regarding only two options he will construct from workshop choices. You will perhaps not be too surprised to learn that Parks and Gardens is not among his two.

But Parks and Gardens should be a choice, if the survey is to be fair and meaningful father than a fraudulent forced choice.

Please ask your Assembly representative to order the consultant to include Waterfront Parks and Gardens as an option for Juneau's coming survey on long-range waterfront development planning.

Joe Sonneman


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