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Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2003

Well, once again, the Sealaska elections are over, and once again, the Board of Directors did what it wanted and elected the person it wanted.

In addition, for the second time, it went out and asked someone else to run, because it fears the independent candidates. Can you spell "closed shop"?

Mr. Goethe, a German philosopher, once said, "None are so hopeless enslaved as those who believe themselves to be free." In this case, the Natives were lead to believe they were free to elect their own leaders. But take a good look at what Sealaska is doing and how they are doing it.

I wonder how many discretionary votes they needed to ensure an unknown candidate was elected? It's a form of voting that many shareholders disagree with and have tried many times to get rid of over the years. Will Sealaska ever tell us the truth about the numbers or will they keep on hiding this information from us?

Can anyone name an independent candidate who was elected in the last few years? Can or will anyone tell the shareholders how many times the board's candidate was saved only by discretionary votes? Will anyone ever tell us where to find this information at this time or any time in the near future?

One last issue: Did Sealaska try to keep the meeting in Southeast Alaska this year as scheduled, or did it jump at the chance to move the meeting up north, where most of the shareholders could not attend the meeting for one reason or another?

Please, shareholders, wake up before the hand-chosen Board of Directors loses all of what little we have left.

James G. Brouillette


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