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Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2003


The question is illegitimate; whether it is positive or negative, and that is a value judgment, is irrelevant (though I do believe it would be positive). The question is should the government have a right in our free-enterprise system to prevent or impede a legal business from opening under our Constitution, due-process rights, private property rights, right of association, equal protection under the law, etc.? I say definitely not. People's opinions about big box stores having a negative impact in no way should influence, or be listened to, by any governmental body.

A big box store enhances Juneau's status as a retail center for outlying areas as far away as Whitehorse. Bringing income into Juneau and the jobs that come with it is desirable.

The big box stores bring prices down for residents, creating competition. Families need affordable access to necessary food and clothing items.

Are you kidding? Fred Meyer and Costco are loving the fact that Kmart pulled out of town. It means they get more of the Juneau consumers' dollars. I personally would love to see another retailer take over Kmart's old property. More variety, lower prices, and jobs are the benefits.

Big box stores be it grocery or hardware have the buying power to provide there wares at prices much like the Lower 48. If this is provided in Juneau, the whole community benefits. Although a few of the "local" stores may suffer some losses, the community as a whole would benefit.

I think that big vacant building should or could be used for one of the schools that we seem to need here. It doesn't have windows but it certainly has the room and the inside could be designed for whatever was needed. I don't think they necessarily have windows in classrooms nowadays anyway with all the threat possibilities, etc.

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