Administration on wrong side of B.C. mine

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Last week's article on the Taku River hit home. Why are we letting a Canadian mining company get away with reopening the Tulsequah Chief Mine? All of the benefits of this mine would go to British Columbia, while all of its pollutants would go downstream and into the Taku River. Juneau gets nothing out of this deal. We gain no jobs and no exportable minerals, and we risk the health of the Taku river watershed and its salmon. Many fishermen from Juneau depend on the salmon runs of the Taku river for their livelihood.

As an Alaskan business owner who depends on Taku salmon, I am shocked to see that our administration supports this mine. The loyalties of our government should lie on the side of its people, the fishermen and residents our governor has sworn to serve, not Canadian mining interests.

Sissi Babich

Northern Keta Inc.


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