Adults should ask kids about dress code

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 13, 2004

As a sophomore at Juneau-Douglas High School, I think that we shouldn't have a dress code. I get irritated when parents or adults start saying that, "Oh, the high school needs a dress code, the girls are looking like hoochies, the boys are looking like thugs." They only see a certain amount of people who dress like that, and decide that everyone at the school dresses like that.

I don't think the parents should have a say in the decision with the dress code situation. They aren't the ones going to school every day. The kids going to the high school and who are attending that high school should have a say about it. Take a poll. If a majority of the students say have a stricter dress code, then let's have a stricter dress code, but if we don't, then we choose not to, so drop the subject.

You, as parents aren't really worried about things like, "Oh, my baby is wearing a thong; she will never succeed in life wearing a thong." Y'all are worried about whether or not your child is going to pass and go on to the next grade, or getting good grades. What's a thong got to do with getting good grades or passing? Why don't the parents, adults and school district worry about bigger things such as the so-called new Valley high school (which I am also against), or the dropout rate. And leave the clothing situation to the kids.

So in conclusion ... just plain and simple ... ask the kids.

Bethany Easaw


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