Setting the record straight on pipeline policy positions

Posted: Friday, July 13, 2007

According to Lew Williams Jr.'s piece, "Will environmental lobby curb interest in gas line?" in the July 1 Juneau Empire, the Alaska Wilderness League "(opposes) development of any kind in Alaska."

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For the record, this statement is not correct. Below is a description of the real position of Alaska Wilderness League when it comes to oil and gas development in Alaska. Also, the chairman of the Alaska Wilderness League's board is Tom Campion, not Compton.

Alaska Wilderness League is not opposed to all development in Alaska. We would support a gas pipeline as long as it follows the path of existing infrastructure in Alaska and is built in accordance with all environmental regulations and safeguards. We support development with an eye to balancing wilderness priorities with development interests in Alaska.

Our members from all 50 states believe that what remains of Alaska's wild places should be protected for this and future generations, both indigenous and the general public (to whom these lands belong).

Cindy Shogan

Executive director, Alaska

Wilderness League

Silver Spring, Md.

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