Plain and simple message

Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2002

"New DWI laws catching many offenders by surprise?" The ultimate cost of drunk driving is injury or death resulting from choosing to drink and then to drive.

Alaska has initiated many alternative consequences for those who continue to drive after drinking, from increased jail time, fines, vehicle impoundment and forfeiture to alcohol assessment, treatment, counseling and medical therapeutic programs. None of these consequences seem to be a deterrent for some who continue to drive under the influence.

The message, "Don't Drink and Drive" is not difficult to understand, and we see this message on a daily basis. The message is not "Don't Drink Too Much and Drive," nor is it "Don't Drink Four Drinks and Drive." Every single time the choice is made to drink and drive, the life and safety of the community is put at risk. In the year 2000, Alaska had the highest percentage of traffic deaths resulting from alcohol-related crashes in the nation.

To quote Millie Webb, MADD's immediate past-president, "The light that we thought we saw at the end of the tunnel appears to be the headlights of an oncoming crash caused by public and political complacency." We must all take a stand and refuse to tolerate drinking and driving. The message is plain, simple and clear: Don't drink and drive.

Marti Greeson

MADD Anchorage Chapter

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