Ketchikan: Former cop can do CWS in Oregon

Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2002

A former Ketchikan police sergeant convicted in April of criminal trespass will be able to serve his community work service in Oregon rather than Ketchikan, as originally ordered by the court.

In a June 12 decision, Superior Court Judge Trevor Stephens modified Lance Waldren's original sentence, which had stipulated that Waldren serve 80 hours of community work service in Ketchikan.

Stephens said at the original sentencing hearing that it was appropriate to serve the sentence in Ketchikan because that is where the crime occurred. In his modification, the judge wrote that he reconsidered the requirement because he is "convinced that Mr. Waldren has in effect already satisfied the court's goal in this regard" by his years of service as a police officer.

Waldren's conviction stems from a July 2001 incident in which Waldren found his daughter outside a boy's residence where she had allegedly spent the night. According to court records, Waldren entered the home uninvited and confronted the boy. An assault charge against Waldren for allegedly hitting the boy with a police baton was dropped in exchange for Waldren's guilty plea to trespass.

The boy's family objected to the modification of sentence.

Stephens noted in his sentence modification that the consequences of Waldren's crime had been far greater for the former police officer than for most people who commit trespass.

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