Ketchikan: UAS gets grant for shipyard training

Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2002

The University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan has been awarded a half-million-dollar federal grant to develop and assess a training and education program at the Ketchikan Shipyard.

The grant from the U.S. Department of Labor will be used to set up a classroom at the shipyard, where an instructor will train Alaska Ship and Drydock workers using new national standards.

The program's goal is to create a new training and organizational plan that will help not only ASD but other shipyard operators to maintain a skilled work force that meets national standards.

"We are excited about doing this because workplace training is the key to making sure you have a well-trained work force," said Karen Polley, UAS Ketchikan campus director.

During the 18-month project, the university will assess ASD employees' shipbuilding and repair skills using the National Shipbuilding Research Program model, which is designed to assist the nation's vessel building and repair industry in achieving and maintaining global competitiveness.

UAS also will develop individual and group training plans with each ASD employee, who will take part in classroom and structured workplace training.

"We are doing something ahead of what any other shipyard has been able to accomplish, which is allowing the employees to determine their training needs to meet national certification," Polley said.

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