Medieval fairy tale

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Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2005

Please permit me to respond to the July 5 op-ed piece "Creationists have Dark Ages mentality" by Wade Rogers.

This letter claims evolutionism is science fact while creationism is religion. The scientific method, formulated and established by the great creationist scientist Sir Francis Bacon, is limited to what is demonstratable, repeatable and observable by our five senses in the present.

Theories about the origin of the world are beyond the scope of the scientific method because these events are not demonstratable, repeatable or observable. Therefore both creationism and evolutionism are beliefs about the origin of the world, yet evolutionists want their beliefs called "science" and everyone else's beliefs called "religion."

In regard to Mr. Roger's list of "transitional" fish, the only way to prove those fish are transitional to amphibians and not just fish with amphibian features (like the platypus, a mammal with bird features) would be to have time-elapse photos (not artwork) showing the transition, or repeat the transition.

Since this is impossible, it would have to be classified as a belief, not a fact. In regard to mutations, the issue is not new traits, like bacteria digesting nylon, but new genetic information, like feathers on reptiles.

Mutations are incapable of creating the vast amounts of functional new genetic information necessary to create complex new structures, and molecules-to-man evolution breaks down at this point.

It is ironic that Mr. Rogers claims creationists have a "Dark Ages" mentality, when he seems to be advocating censorship and intolerance of beliefs different than his own. This is typical Dark Ages behavior.

His stance brings to mind the Spanish Inquisition, when those without Catholic beliefs had to shut up, convert or leave the country. In fact, the theory of evolution itself reads like a medieval fairy tale: Once upon a time (millions of years ago) there was an ugly toad (amphibian), evolution waved her magic wand of time and chance, and by and by the toad (amphibian) turned into a handsome prince (mammal).

Arne Erickson


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