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Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2005

In response to Mr. Cooper and Mr. Bogoyo's letter to the editor, I think it is wonderful that here we are still talking about the fabulous Juneau parade.

I didn't have the opportunity to see all of the entries and cannot address the political figurehead entry referred to by Mr. Cooper. But if both gentlemen are referring to the PFLAG entry, and I am not sure they are, they just need a little enlightenment.

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) is a support group with chapters all over Alaska, the United States and internationally. The Juneau chapter continually works not only as a support group but also as a venue to eradicate misinformation and provide education.

Mr. Cooper and Mr. Bogoyo probably just need more of the education part so they understand who comprises PFLAG instead of come to misinformed conclusions. Give PFLAG a call.

Regardless of the parade theme or who participates, it will still be made up of a diverse group of people from every walk of life.

The parade panel and theme (and the surprise of good weather) helped make it one of the most enjoyable Juneau parades.

Kathy Buss


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