Videos let scientist get up close and personal
During a two-year period, Steve Lewis watched goshawks for 5,800 hours, about 341 days of viewing.

After the elusive goshawk
Tracking Alaska's goshawks isn't easy. In the 10 seasons the U.S. Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game have been pursuing the birds, they've located about 60 nesting areas in the entire Tongass National Forest. By comparison, there are thousands of known eagle nests.

Tlingit history heads home
Travelers retracing a 1899 scientific expedition along Alaska's coast this month will start work where their predecessors left off.

Around Town

About the original Harriman Expedition
"In the afternoon, we anchored off a deserted Indian village north of Cape Fox. There was a row of a dozen houses on the beach of a little bay, with 19 totem poles standing along their fronts. These totem poles were the attraction. There was a rumor that the Indians had nearly all died of smallpox a few years before and that the few survivors had left under a superstitious fear, never to return. It was evident that the village had not been occupied in seven or eight years. Why not, therefore, secure some of these totem poles for the museums of the various colleges represented by members of the expedition?" - John Burroughs, Harriman Alaska Series, Vol. 1

Harriman Expedition Retraced ready to sail
Organizers of this summer's Harriman Expedition Retraced face challenges their counterparts 100 years ago would have never considered. For example, how to get boxes of digital cameras, Palm Pilots and laptop computers from Massachusetts to Alaska in one piece.

Test score worries
Juneau elementary and middle school students performed a little better on state tests this year than last year. And they continue to pass the tests at a higher rate than the state average, recently released figures show.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...

Gerald O'Neil Williams

Frank Gregory Gonzales

Marsha Lee Kelly

Juneau's transportation future in the breach
Tomorrow evening our Assembly will consider the final details of an extremely important document, the Area Wide Transportation Plan. The decisions made at this meeting will define the framework for Juneau's transportation projects for the next 20 years and, in a larger sense, greatly impact Juneau's economy and quality of life.

A good dog, other voices and 'toons
Ever owned a dog? A good and faithful dog. (Is that redundant?) A dog that's never pouty. A dog that's happier when you're home than when you're gone. A dog that responds when you call its name or pick up its leash. You know your dog does things to get your attention, but do you sometimes wonder if your dog is trying to earn a pat on the head? Maybe that's a stretch, but if you've ever loved a dog you know you can be loved by a dog.

Grocery shopping can be so much more than food gathering
Well, call me challenged socially, but don't call me late for dinner. And I will be late if I don't quit loitering in the grocery store. I can't help it. Name one other venue, short of a real vacation, where it's warm, dry, well-lit, you're surrounded by tons of food and you get to drive a little cart with absolutely no rules of the road.

Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth appears when justified by the number of calls received. Callers' names will appear in print. Call 586-4636 and press 8255 to leave a message.

Juneau wins twice in Junior Little League tournament
Juneau's Gastineau Channel Little League Junior (age 13-14) All-Stars twice needed extra innings to remain undefeated in the District 2 (Southeast) Little League Tournament at Sitka's Moeller Field.

Juneau qualifies for state
Juneau's Gastineau Channel Little League Senior (age 15-16) All-Stars bought an insurance policy when they scored three runs in the final inning of Friday night's District 2-Southeast tournament game against Ketchikan.

Brooks, DeSloover win Challenge Run
The roughly 14-mile Windfall Lake Trail Challenge Run featured a little bit of everything for members of Juneau's Southeast Road Runners Club on Saturday morning.

Sports in Juneau

Post 25 wins two of three
Juneau's American Legion Post 25 Midnight Suns lost 7-5 to Wasilla on Friday, but bounced back to beat Dimond 7-2 and West Anchorage 7-1 in a double header on Saturday to bring their record to 10-8 on the season.

Local Scoreboard: Cope Park Mountain Bike Race Results
Results from Saturday's Cope Park Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by the Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club. The course featured six short, one-mile laps of a highly technical course. Two riders ended up riding seven laps, but still posted the top overall times.

Local Sports Briefs

Local Scoreboard: Windfall Lake Trail Challenge Run
Results from the Southeast Road Runners Club's Windfall Lake Trail Challenge Run, a wilderness run of about 14 miles held on Saturday from the Windfall Lake Trailhead to Skaters' Cabin near the West Glacier Trailhead. Runners are listed with their ages and times.

High court ruling allows victims of Big Lake fire to sue state
ANCHORAGE -- The Alaska Supreme Court has reversed a lower court's ruling that prevented people who lost homes and property in the 1996 Big Lake fire from suing the state.

Knowles lets new primary law take effect
Alaskans will have to choose just one party's ballot in next year's primary election. Gov. Tony Knowles on Friday let a bill setting up a new primary election system become law without his signature.

Murkowski pushes to open ANWR at hearing
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Frank Murkowski pitched development of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee but a fellow senator said the panel should move on.

Stevens picked to replace Pearce
Ben Stevens, the son of powerful U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, is Gov. Tony Knowles' pick to replace Drue Pearce in the state Senate.


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