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Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Today I read Jack Cadigan's My Turn and agree with him in a lot of aspects. After having spoken with a good friend of mine that owns a local art supply store, she laid out some heavy facts. With big chain stores, they can afford to buy in bulk and mark down prices up to 80 percent, unlike the small business person that can't. Thus the spiral of my previous ignorant remark of being "ripped off." We are all trying to survive.

I will let you in on a little secret. Believe it or not, some of the businesses actually have better deals than the Internet. I can count at least three deals in the last week that I got here locally after investigating online. I not only saved time, but money as well! I was too quick to count the cons of the local businesses and promoted the competitive market without giving you some pros on our local businesses.

However, after having lived in a trailer park for the last two years to try to buy in today's real estate, afford the nice things, pay my bills, and still feed my family, I have come to this conclusion: We are going to sink ourselves with the higher real estate, the lower wages, and higher prices. Oh, and let's not forget the high price of health insurance. We don't get the chance to move ahead when we are constantly falling behind.

There are certain business owners in town with extravagant homes as well as fancy cars that I am sure they worked hard for. I guess I would like a piece of that pie as well. I work as hard as the next person. I may not own my own business but I strive for a better future. I would like to feel financially secure but can't seem to with the way of our economy. The frustration is deep.

After reading the article about the McDowell Group compiling a report about the economic shortcomings of our community, I have become more knowledgeable about where Juneau will be in the future. The same place I am right now, falling short of the Lower 48 as well as my dreams.

It's not that I am not an intelligent person, nor do I live off the government, which I strongly discourage you from doing. A majority of the lower-income homes have no other choice. But, where do we go from here? If our government as well as our local businesses, real estate, and struggling consumer like myself can figure that out we might be able to work together to come to the same conclusion - to excel.

The conclusion can only work if we work together.

Joey J. Tillson


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