Alaska should seize federal lands

Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I saw Gov. Sarah Palin on the Glenn Beck show on June 2, and she was extremely impressive. She is correct; we, Americans, need Alaska's oil and gas now.

It is my understanding of the U.S. Constitution that we are a federal republic of 50 independent sovereign states formed into a federation for the common welfare and good of the states and citizens. The federal government derives its existence from the will of the states. The federal government does not have sovereignty that belongs to the states.

I propose that the state of Alaska use its sovereign right of eminent domain to confiscate any and all federal lands that the state of Alaska deems appropriate for the welfare and good of the people. This being all land where natural resources (oil and gas) exist and that the state feels should be developed.

This would be an extremely interesting precedent-setting move resulting in a huge legal battle between the sovereign state of Alaska and the federal government. I would make sure this lawsuit starts in the state courts of Alaska and move through that court system quickly to the state's Supreme Court. It would undoubtedly be forced by the federal government into federal court so I would make every effort to shepherd it into the most conservative federal district court I could. I would retain the finest, most influential lawyers in the U.S. to represent the state of Alaska from the beginning of the process, adding more as needed.

At the same time, I would hire the best public relations firms and advertising firms to promote to the American people by all means possible what is going on with this lawsuit and how they are being ripped off. They would learn how costly not receiving the benefits of the oil and gas available from Alaska is to America and also how costly it is to them personally, how it affects their individual finances and the personal pocketbooks.

Even if Alaska should lose the legal battles, the American people should be so well-informed and mad that they will put a lot of pressure on the elected representative at the federal level to get the oil and gas from Alaska flowing into the system and to forget the environmentalists and other extreme left-wing negative groups.

It is high time the states exercise their sovereign rights and begin to put the bureaucratic federal government back in its rightful place. So, with the monies derived from the state's current oil revenues, let Alaska be the leader.

John N. Matthews

Webb City, Mo.

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