Trapped black bear trashes Toyota

Juneau couple finds large animal clawing at interior of their car

Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ann Boochever had an unwelcome remodel of the interior of her hybrid car Saturday when a black bear got stuck inside.

Brian Wallace / Juneau Empire
Brian Wallace / Juneau Empire

Boochever said she and her husband, Scott Miller, were sitting in the house Saturday when they heard the horn of their 2006 Toyota Prius.

Looking out the window, they saw the car's glass was all steamed up and the car was rocking.

"When I say the car was rocking, it was just rocking," Boochever said.

Running outside, they saw a large black bear was trapped in the car, Boochever said.

After calling authorities, Boochever said her husband opened the rear hatchback and the bear made its getaway.

Boochever said she thinks the bear got in through a back door that may not have been closed all the way and then latched shut after it got in.

Now long gone, the bear's presence will be felt for a while.

The interior of the car was trashed: Panels had been ripped open, the dashboard scarred, and a pile of scat left on the driver's seat.

Boochever's insurance company told her the damages will be covered.

"I didn't think they would believe me," Boochever said.

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