Battles for first down to finales

Posted: Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another gorgeous week in Juneau, and the softball season is steaming into its exciting finale this week.

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Juneau Softball Association
Juneau Softball Association

Last week saw quite a few Juneau teams head up to Whitehorse for the annual Dustball Tournament, with several trophies being brought back to Juneau. Watch for the results to be posted on the JSA website.

Coed D Division

The Drunkateers stayed undefeated at 12-0, but the scramble for second place is furious. Wee Fishie crowned Nizich Dental 11-7, and SE Waffle House got a forfeit win over Team Miller Lite, then spread a topping on Wee Fishie 9-8.

Coed E Division

Abby's Hooliguns kept their win streak alive at four games as the sparks flew in an 11-10 splicing of Auke Bay Electric, followed by a 13-6 dousing of Valley Liquor Crown Royals.

GCI Party Fouls ensured that State Farm wouldn't win with a 22-9 victory.

Coed F North Division

The Pavitt Piranhas got hungryand won their third game in a row to wiggle closer to Brain Pain and Killer Bees, a 12-10 munching of Foodland.

In the swarm for the division lead, Killer Bees gave Brain Pain another headache, 9-8.

Coed F South Division

Team America made it 11 in a row with a 15-7 manacling of Off the Cuff, and a 23-7 roasting of Trusted Choice.

The Pirates kept their brigand ways alive with a 14-10 kidnapping of AlaskaTowing.

Reliable Oil was the big surprise, though, as they first lost to the Cuff-masters 14-6, but then stopped the T&H Mad Batters 19-2.

ERM Adder Ups inflicted more trauma on the Bartlett Bruisers with a 13-3scrubbing.

Coed G Division

Seabreeze kept blowing away the opposition for its 12th straight win, 15-14 over Attractive Nuisance.

The Terminators marched over AWARE 11-10, and MRT slammed the Red Headed Kidz 13-2.

Men's C Division

Timberwolf bit Parts Plus 15-10, but got crowned by Team Imperial 18-5.

The Imperialistas had a perfect week, also defeating the Oilmen from Taku.

Men's D Division

Only two games separate SE Mine Supply and the Rounders and only two games are left in the season, with one of them being the face off for first.

The Rounders put out Northern Lites 18-3, and Pavitts.

The Miners pinned Pavitts with an 0-fer on the week, and then cleansed the Dirty Dozen 24-3.

The Dirty ones got some redemption, though, with a 12-10 washing of Northern Lites.

Men's E Division

Island Pub rang the bell - in extra innings - on Play it Again Sports 17-15, and poured it on Home Depot 7-6.

Kapplers kept pace, though, with a 13-0 blanking of those guys Playing it Again, and then they got pumped for Gas N Go, 8-7.

Men's F Division

The First National Caps and the UAS Flukes are all tied up, and the last game of the season will be theshowdown.

The Caps forfeited to Perseverance/Pak's, who then got stung 9-8 by theMudstingers.

The Flukes slapped the Mudstingers 17-9 to force the upcoming championship game.

In other action, Double Ugly had back-to-back wins for the first time this season, with a 15-6 ugly stick whomping of the 10 Rightfielders . The final standings all will be affected by this week'soutcomes.

Women's C Division

Imperial has locked up the title but the battle for the middle is anything but over.

Alaska Litho knocked over the Sticks 14-4, and Pat's Douglas Inn 8-5 to keep a slim lead for second place.

Pat's kept the pressure on, though, with an 11-10packaging of Lynden.

Women's D Division

Four teams are within two games of each other with two to play in the quest for the crown.

Merchant's Wharf is in the lead and a 13-8 smacking of AEG Staffing, followed by a 12-9 win over Hecla's Angels, has put them in the driver seat.

Mendenhall Mall drubbed the Angels 29-10, but then got wrenched by the Parts Plus Ladies 8-6 to make it adifficult climb to the top.

Chicks with Sticks beat on AEG 18-4, but the Parts Plus Ladies also torqued Chicks 12-8 even though only 9 players made the game. It all comes down to the wire in this division.

Check out the JSA website at each Wednesday for the "Quiz of the Week", and to see all the updated scores and standings.

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