Northwest Coast textile exhibit opens in Vancouver

Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new textile and fibre art exhibit, "Time Warp: Contemporary Textiles of the Northwest Coast," opens Friday at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver. The exhibition celebrates 20 emerging, mid-career and internationally recognized Aboriginal artists from Alaska, the Yukon, and Washington state.

Photo By Kenji Nagai
Photo By Kenji Nagai

"Time Warp" challenges the stereotype of weaving as "women's work," and conveys the pivotal role of textiles in contemporary Northwest Coast artistic practice.

Co-curated by Dr. Martine Reid, consulting curator at the Bill Reid Gallery, and Haida Artist and Master Weaver Evelyn Vanderhoop, the exhibition features works by Tracy Auchter, Carrie Anne Vanderhoop Bellis, Delores Churchill, Janice Criswell, Sherri Dick, Lisa Hageman, Lani Hotch, Lily Hudson, Shelly Laws, Victoria Moody, Marie Oldfield, Susan Pavel, Clarissa Rizal, Isabel Rorick, Ann Smith, Debra Sparrow, Robyn Sparrow, Lisa Telford, Evelyn Vanderhoop and William White.

Northwest Coast textiles are fundamental to cultural exchange and ceremony. Therefore, the works are displayed on custom-made body forms to show how the pieces were designed to be worn and experienced. Highlights include Coast Salish weaving, Raven's Tail and Naaxiin style (Chilkat) robes, tunics and capes, as well as cedar bark and spruce root clothing and accessories.

"The art of producing woven textiles and garments is as necessary to the Northwest Coast civilization as that of the woodcarver or canoe-maker," explains co-curator Dr. Martine Reid, who originated the exhibition.

"Drummers, dancers and leaders clothed in the products of the weavers' hands boldly pronounce our stories," said co-curator Evelyn Vanderhoop. "Textiles are again taking their place in the ever-changing matrix of our evolving culture."

From 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Friday, there will be an Artists' Dialogue led by renowned Haida Master Weaver Delores Churchill of Ketchikan. Other programs will be scheduled through fall 2010. "Time Warp" runs through January 16, 2011.

"Time Warp" was made possible by the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver, The Hamber Foundation, 2010 Legacies Now, The Vancouver Foundation, Face the World Foundation, US Consulate General, Vancouver and Scriba International Art Society.

For further information contact: Paula Fairweather at or (604)682-3455, extension 222.

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