State's new deterrent is definitely for the birds

Posted: Monday, July 16, 2001

The loss of a raven to a downtown Juneau skybridge about a month ago inspired building managers to take action and install deterrents.

The skybridge connects the Alaska Office Building, where the Department of Health and Social Services is housed, with the eighth floor of the State Office Building. Birds have been flying into the glass and plunging to their deaths.

"Sometimes birds don't recognize glass and are confused," said Larry White, facilities manager for the state Department of Administration's Division of General Services.

White and his crew researched the problem, and thought the silhouette of a bird of prey on the bridge's glass panels might deter other flyers. They sent for "fancy decals" of a hawk, and installed four, visible from all directions, last week.

"We thought a bird of prey would discourage them," White said.

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