An Egan freeway vote

Posted: Monday, July 16, 2001

Stop the freeway? What freeway? Tonight, the Assembly will probably approve the Area Wide Transportation Plan (AWTP), after three years and $250,000 of hard work. The biggest plan item is $86 million to build five "grade-separated interchanges" - freeway overpasses - at the major Egan intersections, converting Egan Drive to a freeway, to accommodate 40 percent more traffic by year 2020, and to make Egan safer.

This huge overpass project is now tentatively and provisionally approved in the AWTP as "Develop plans for..." But, an Assembly motion will request adding "... and construct ..." to this freeway proposal, giving DOTPF the green light for the freeway conversion. The vote may be close. Public testimony may be important.

If you do NOT want Egan to become a freeway, if you think $86 million should be spent on different transportation-improvement projects or strategies, if you do not want to accommodate 40 percent more traffic by 2020, you must say so, at tonight's Assembly meeting, beginning at 7. Simply request that the Transportation Steering Committee (TSC) version of the AWTP be adopted, AND that "... and construct ..." not be added to the description of Solution 1.2, "Egan Drive grade-separated interchanges."

Thank you for your consideration.

Bill Leighty


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