Touched to tears

Posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2003

What a beautiful story (Children's Home Remembered, Empire, July 15). I was so touched by the generosity of these two people it brought tears to my eyes. So many times in society such as riding the Juneau public city bus do we see our young children joking, making fun of other children who don't have the up-to-date clothing style.

When I was a little child I thought my family was poor, but realizing just how rich we were blows my mind. Every night we had food on the table, warm clothes, a roof over our heads, please and thank you was always a must. Respect for elders was never an issue to be learned - we just did it, whether it was holding a door open, pulling out the dinner chair for an elderly person or carrying someone's grocery bags. Nowadays it's all different. It's not just was because times have changed. It's what the new generation is learning.

Jessica Quick


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