Anchorage park visitors warned of grizzly bear

Posted: Friday, July 16, 2004

ANCHORAGE - Visitors to a large city park are being warned that a grizzly bear has been spotted in the area.

Bear sightings in Kincaid Park on the city's southwest side aren't rare, but the more common visitor would be a black bear, not a grizzly, said Ron Randall, a city outdoor recreation manager and Kincaid's supervisor.

The bear was seen Sunday morning walking on Raspberry Road, just west of the pedestrian bridge over the road, said Bob Hughes, a recreation supervisor for the municipality.

A park visitor who knows what a brown bear looks like informed park staff that he saw the animal from 20 yards away as it walked up the road, Hughes said.

By Sunday evening, a sandwich-board sign stood on the shoulder of the road beneath the bridge. The sign cautions visitors that park users have made brown bear sightings recently at the Sisson, Mize and Margaux's loop trails, and at the bridge.

Hughes said that two moose, each with calves, have been hanging out in the vicinity of Kincaid's Little Campbell Lake and the Raspberry Road parking lot. Moose calves draw bears, he said.

State biologist Rick Sinnott said a man was recently run off by a brown bear sow with cubs at Far North Bicentennial Park.

He said that visitors should be aware that the creeks are running with fish. That means that bears are hanging out at the north and south forks of Campbell Creek, which course through the park.

"Make noise and let the bears know you're coming," Sinnott said.

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