Voters care about more than property value

Posted: Monday, July 16, 2007

I routinely listen to KINY news on my way to work. Today I heard District 2 Assembly member Randy Wanamaker talking about his desire to remain in office and the important issues that he wants to take care of.

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The theme of his comments was protecting property values. Stop capital creep to protect property values; quit exporting jobs to protect property values; environmentalists and miners must work together to protect property values.

Here is a news flash: There are more important issues than protecting artificially inflated property values. The city artificially inflates values merely to generate more revenue to support its fiscal irresponsibility. For the city to say a $250,000 home should be considered affordable housing is ludicrous.

As I constantly say, the city government considers us merely victims, not voters or people, except of course when they want to be re-elected.

Bruce Hale


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