New downtown business organizes survey data

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2001

For entrepreneurs who have difficulty summarizing data, Dorothy Beasley's home business, Midnight Sun Office Support, makes it easy.

Working as an independent contractor, Beasley creates Microsoft Access databases.

"I take the information that customers have collected in surveys and organize it so that they will be able to access it quite easily without a whole lot of effort," she said.

Beasley was born in the Southeast Alaska village of Klawock, but raised her family in Seattle where she operated a medical transcription business for more than 15 years. She also worked in Washington, D.C., for three years as an office manager, returning to Juneau two years ago.

"I am working a lot with entrepreneurs in the Native community because I understand the culture. Not many of our Native people know how to do databases," she said.

Beasley has three years of college-level education in business administration and regularly takes continuing education courses in order to keep her knowledge of her field cutting-edge.

"I like the interaction I have with people, and it's an area of business that I understand. I built up a nice reputation in Seattle, and I appreciate what that means," said Beasley, who gives her age as "retired - over 65."

Beasley is the mother of seven children, five of whom live in Seattle. Her twin sons, Mick and Rick Beasley, are carvers who own their own gallery downtown.

Midnight Sun Office Support is at 230 S. Franklin St. Call 586-3060 for details or an appointment.

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