Best 30,000 anywhere

Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I had the delightful opportunity to spend a little time with Michael Orelove of the Juneau Planetarium recently, as he worked on the planetarium's project to paint information about our solar system at Twin Lakes. The project adds fun and interest to the lakeside walk (and maybe an opportunity to contemplate our individual humble presence in time and space) . Thank you, Michael and the planetarium.

The encounter also reminded me yet again of why I choose to live in Juneau: This vibrant community not only has a spectacular natural setting, but has the most giving, volunteering set of 30,000 people anywhere. Across the spectrum from the arts to sports, schools, social services, the environment, even activism on community issues, we have an incredible number of caring neighbors who work to bring special things to Juneau that can only be accomplished through the gift of time.

Sandy Harbanuk


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