Sounding good

Posted: Thursday, July 17, 2003

I have heard people say that living in Juneau is like living in a jewel box. I agree. If Juneau is a jewel box, then CrossSound is a rare and beautiful gem. I don't think people realize the depth and richness of their programs and projects.

Sound, which includes music, is a very overlooked and neglected part of our human experience. Everything is a vibration, some even say the universe was created by sound, a vibration, that brought everything to life.

After last Friday's piano performance by Martin Zehn, I was thrilled to know there were more concerts coming up. CrossSound is breaking new ground in the field of music/sound and providing a venue for world class musicians. For all the people who support the arts this needs your support. See you there, July 18, and Aug. 1, at Northern Light Church.

Diane Baxter


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