Support Eaglecrest

Posted: Thursday, July 17, 2003

We urge the City and Borough of Juneau to continue to support Eaglecrest. Our property taxes are being well spent.

Eaglecrest is our greatest winter asset, and because of borough support, skiing is affordable. During the winter, Eaglecrest provides a place to exercise outside at a superior ski area which is run by dedicated staff.

Skiing and snowboarding are positive activities for youth. Eaglecrest's excellent school lesson program makes learning to ski and snowboard possible for our young people. Our handicapped also receive instruction.

During the summer, Eaglecrest is Juneau's refuge from crowds and helicopters, a quiet spot where one can appreciate the glorious alpine environment. The area should remain a place to which we can retreat.

Commercial activity at Eaglecrest should center around or near the lodge. Perhaps the old nature trail by the platter pull could be restored, as could the boardwalk that leads across the lower meadows to the Treadwell Ditch. The Eaglecrest lodge could also make an excellent base for a wilderness day camp for Juneau's youth.

May we continue to enjoy our local paradise, Eaglecrest.

Sylvia and Richard Gard


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